B.H.T has a goal to educate all those engaged in industrial bolting in the principles and practices that significantly improve safety, quality, and efficiency of bolting operations. We regularly conduct training classes that are designed for a variety of job functions ranging from operators and technicians to managers and engineers. Classes range from a few hours to a few days and can be customized to meet your schedule and specific application focus. In most cases we bring the class to you in order to make training as convenient and economical as possible


Bolted joints are an essential part of virtually every industrial process. The proper assembly of these essential connections puts technicians “up close and personal” with powerful tools, extreme forces, hazardous materials, elevated temperatures and pressures. Perhaps no other maintenance activity demands a greater degree of safety awareness and basic “best practices” training. This course will:


  • Lower the risk of bolting related incidents such as equipment failures and environmental impacts
  • Involve students with classroom and “hands on” tool handling
  • Promote safety, quality, and efficiency

Les outillages hydrauliques étant du matériel de dernière génération, nécessite une formation à l’utilisation afin d’exploiter le matériel à pleine capacité.

Via un intervenant de métier, nous pouvons vous former sur toute utilisation de clés hydraulique, visseuses, vérins ou tout autre matériel hydraulique.

De plus, B.H.T vous offre la possibilité d’effectuer ces prestations sur site client, ce qui permet une formation spécifique au site en question.