After-sales / Repair

All torque wrenches, torque screwdrivers, pumps and gauges should be calibrated once a year. We will take care of this maintenance schedule on your behalf and request your devices for regular calibration. At the same time, we will conduct a condition analysis, which will reveal any possible faults or spare parts needs that your device may have. This can be done either at our premises in Bordeaux or on-site with the customer, available 24/7.

Our professional and efficient maintenance department handles the most demanding equipment repairs and calibrations punctually, and your tools are quickly returned to productive use. Regular servicing extends the useful life of products without compromising safety. If necessary, we can supply you with a substitute tool while your device is being serviced.

Grace à une équipe de techniciens spécialisée dans l’outillage haute pression, nous vous apportons une réponse rapide en terme de maintenance de votre matériel ainsi qu’une traçabilité accrue.

Avec un atelier de 200m², la société Business of Hydraulic Technology répond à tous vos besoins de réparations.